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Alex H - There's No Turning Back Feat. Mona Moua (Original Mix) [PMW001]

Dodano: 2014-12-25

Wyświetleń: 24558

Czas trwania: 07:59

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Opis materiału Alex H - There's No Turning Back Feat. Mona Moua (Original Mix) [PMW001]

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01. Alex H Ft. Mona Moua - There's No Turning Back (Original Mix)
02. Alex H & Roald Velden - Perplexity Of Dreams (Original Mix)
03. Alex H & James Woods - Atitlan (Original Mix)
04. Alex H - There's No Turning Back (Dub Mix)

Release Info:
Here at Perplexity Music, we our extremely proud to introduce our first release on the label after months of waiting. As our aim is to become the pinnacle of melodic progressive house music, what better way than to start it of with a tremendous 4 track EP from the sensational Alex H. The Perth based producer has been climbing up the progressive ladder since 2012 & his remarkable talent can be heard instantly so take a moment to revel in the delight that is music for the soul. 

The first release of the EP, "No Turning Back" is a delectable vocal masterpiece that locks into the core of our emotions & expands in our minds. Comprised  up of tantalizing chords that emit solid & crisp sounds, steady kicks & brilliant melodies, the overall atmosphere is one that is vibrant & striking. The soothing warm vocals provided by Mona Moua blend perfectly with the flow of the production & the deliverance of the thought provoking lyrics are conveyed so beautifully.

Next up in this quality package is another out of this world collaboration & again, with another master of melodies that is Netherland sensation Roald Velden. Also having worked together previously, more prominently on Roald's album, the blend of these talents has earned a great following due to the pure emotion & the top notch effort & time they put into their productions. Prepare to delve into a journey of warm, blissful & magical textures that swoop right in the moment you press play. That's right, it really is that astounding.  With the colorful combination of the melodic elements, the superb heart felt sounds flow freely in a mix up relaxed percussion work & sweet piano lines once again. 

Last but not least is a huge collaboration with the gifted French talent James Woods so you know you’re in for a dynamic experience with "Atitlan". Having worked on the smashing release "Guadalupe" earlier this year, the outcome of what these two producers create is an explosion of luscious sound & this time is no different. Keeping with the gorgeous melody arrangements, the signature sounds of both can be heard so remarkably such as the luring piano lines pressed side by side powerful chord progressions. Add in the subtle female harmonized vocals that tie the production together & you have this easy on the ears, laid back production. 

As well as the 3 magnificent productions,  "No Turning Back" also has a dub version which is the last release on the EP & this is for those that want to create their own moving story in the minds & with the melodic elements like more evident, that'll be easy to get lost into. 
This is just an small insight as to what to expect from us so we hope you'll stick around and support us through the exciting times ahead. Perplexity Music will be the place to catch up on your daily dose of that melodic medicine we all crave & we can guarantee we aim to deliver. It's this kind of passion at Perplexity that'll prove melody is essence in everything around us.
Text by Hazra Begum

Coming away from who we are, 
who we think we oughta be,
separated by conformity, I will stand alone
we are going backward
into a time we’ve been trapped
for so long
two steps into the past
we’ve gone much too far
there’s no turning back now

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Bogdan Serban
Where's the vintage & morelli remix? This is pretty generic.
really fantastic
Neil Knight
Perfection.This will follow me to the beaches of Ibiza, Croatia, Kos and Marbella this year 
Pure gold!
Maiga Music
This is a Great start to a first Release!
Stephan Bellerose
Alex H is the artist of the hour, he keeps hitting us with these great tunes.  Keep up the AWESOME!!! work  :)
guadalupe thompson thompson
What to say, just fantastic
Voxy P
I've come back again! This track takes me back to why I loved progressive house in the first place. Very well done Alex ! :)
Love that pluck synth and bass soo much haha great job!!
Bikrant Dash
Great start