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Simon Curtis - Delusional (with Lyrics)

Dodano: 2010-04-04

Wyświetleń: 1007625

Czas trwania: 03:51

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Opis materiału Simon Curtis - Delusional (with Lyrics)

                  Artist: Simon Curtis
Album: 8-Bit Heart
Song: Delusional 
Written by: Simon Curtis
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Here's to all the people who've been trying to keep me down
Got their fingers in my collar trying to turn me all around
I find it so funny to hear how much they hate
Try to push me to the ground then say they love me to my face
Say what you mean and don't try to deceive me
I so want to believe it, yes I want to, yes I do
Say what you want and don't try to prolong it
If you want to so-long it, then I want you to, yes I do

I'm feeling all the heat, they're gonna hear my call
Now I can wait to see you lose it all
You've placed your bets and he is gonna make you fall
I can't believe you're so delusional

Now I know you're gonna try to say I stole this verse from Tim',
but there's a firestarter out there and I'm sure he stole from him
Don't say you love me then turn around and drop me
cause soon you're gonna want me and you know it's true, yes you do
Why don't you see him the way he really is?
cause soon you'll wanna leave him and I know it's true, yes I do

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Your_worst _daymahr
I discovered his music through anime.. But literally, Is there any Yuri or Yaoi shipping left he isn't used for??
enton _God
Simon has some good beat to his mugic
Fuck you Tim whoever you are
I love Simon Kurtis
khin zon
I love this song
Pooja Roy
Who cares if he is a gay or not. The song is perfect
This honestly sounds like a translated K-pop boy band
Creative Kitten
alanna wightman
i swear i love his music i listen to him all the time
Jovie Felsheim
At the beginning I thought this was gonna be a song about his haters. Boy was I wrong.