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Anton Belov — Piano Works I [Full Album]

Dodano: 2018-12-03

Wyświetleń: 57341

Czas trwania: 32:39

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Opis materiału Anton Belov — Piano Works I [Full Album]

                  Genre : Ambient
Released : November 30, 2018
Bandcamp : https://antonbelov.bandcamp.com/music
Website : http://kauanmusic.com/

Tracklist :

1 — 00:00 — Woven
2 — 05:51 — Athletic Heart
3 — 11:05 — Reticent
4 — 16:44 — Chatoyant
5 — 20:19 — Ina
6 — 22:53 — Pass Through
7 — 26:32 — Synecdoche


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Amy Walker
So so beautiful, I love the throwback of Ina and Pass Through to Sorni Nai <3
Brenda Macías
Es bellísimo <3 Me da una tristeza preciosa, qué talento para crear algo tan, tan bello
Nikita Kotovenko
Wow! Amazing music <3
Jeremy Grimes
No fast tempos or fast barrages of notes. The whole pace of this is 1 dimensional. This is very uninteresting.
Adrien Deparis
Renember me Mogwaï
Oleksandra Rachova
Отличная находка, спасибо!
marti garaughty
Beautiful on so many levels !
José Antonio Ramos
4:16 The best one.
Ranyta Violet
Cada canción es como un dulce sueño!! Estoy encantada!!!
l'Oiso Chanteur
Wow! that put you in a present moment sensation.. bieutyful thanks to the channel and the artist!