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ATROCITY - Fade To Grey (Best of Rock Harz)

Dodano: 2009-03-05

Wyświetleń: 619137

Czas trwania: 03:27

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Opis materiału ATROCITY - Fade To Grey (Best of Rock Harz)

                  ATROCITY bring us the mega hits of the 80's heavier than ever before! Exactly one decade ago, hits such as "Shout", "The Great Commandment", and "Mussolini" once again conquered the club scene, as ATROCITY released their unique and hard rockin' Werk 80 album. At the rejoice of many of their fans, ATROCITY have now recorded part two of  their highly acclaimed work. Werk 80 II comprises further mega hits 
of the 80's in typical ATROCITY style! "Fade to Grey" includes exclusive live footage from last year's Rock Harz Festival.                


Manu Delmarche
Drop the guitar and use a synth.
Anastázius Fazolka
Super...! 💖👍👍👍
this band is a shit
Eva Kowohl
Great-Great- Greatfull Coverversion.Wow wow wow.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sinceridades Aquariana
Mad cover. Rispek
Good God
Die Cover von Atrocity gefallen mir sehr gut... Was ich allersings nie verstanden habe sind die Tanzweiber. Wozu?
Sergiu Popovoci
Love this song💗
Valerio Garrone
Sarah Ke
Geilste Version EVER!!!!!