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RocknRolla| Black Strobe - I'm A Man

Dodano: 2009-04-20

Wyświetleń: 9044190

Czas trwania: 04:36

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Opis materiału RocknRolla| Black Strobe - I'm A Man

                  Black strobe - I'm A Man. Lyrics by lyricsreg.com

Now, when I was a little boy
At the age of five
I had somethin' in my pocket
Keeps a lot of folks alive

Now I'm a man
Turnin' twenty one
You know, baby
We can have a lot of fun

I'm a man
I spell M-A-N
Woah, I'm a man

All you pretty women
Standin' in line
I can make a love to you, baby
In an hours time

I'm a man
I spell M-A-N
Woah, I'm a man

Goin' back down
To Kansas town
To bring back the second cousin
Little Johnny the Conqueroo

I'm a man
I spell M-A-N
Woah, I'm a man

The line I shoot
Will never miss
The way I make love to 'em
They can't resist

I'm a man
I spell M-A-N
Woah, I'm a man

Woah, I'm a man                


Patr¡ MG
Nyt lähetään VITTU töihin
telugu film world
Tarantino and guy Ritchie's sound tracks are something else
Monster`S MASTERPIECE..APPLAUSE & BRAVO FROM THE HEART! Hails & Cheers from Serbia 👍🏼 🇷🇸 🥂
Kenyeres Vivien
Try 1.25 speed!!!
soumya bhattacharjee
1.3k are not a man.
Emilios Powerballer
1.3k people who disliked the video are not MEN, so they must either be fags or feminists
Olegh Rozman
The national anthem of testosterone
Dániel Török
The essence of being a man with two examples:Friend 1 on the roof: Jump off the roof, fam. Friend 2 on the roof: Why would I jump off the roof bro? Friend 1 on the roof: We left the beers down there... Friend 2 on the roof: Game on bitch...Nice titts walk by with awesome booty.Guy 1 watches the bootyGuy 2 watches them tittsTheir eyes catch each others watching the hoe. They both nod to each other. They both know whats up. They are men.
Luciano Mosca
That guitar gives me chills