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Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness

Dodano: 2009-08-15

Wyświetleń: 721948

Czas trwania: 03:08

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Opis materiału Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness



low down
This bad boy gets better with time, love it true classic one hit wonder 1967 i was 14 sooooo long ago great song great message , peace more now then ever.
Home of The Brave
Another one hit wonder. like We Five, Strawberry Alarm Clock and numerous others who scored with one huge hit they were unable to keep up with what was going on and were soon forgotten. the timing was perfect for this song as it had hit when the hippie flower child movement was in full bloom which did not last long. heavier music was already starting to catch on and groups like this didn't seem to be as popular around the time of Woodstock. your average gen x or millennial knows who Led Zeppelin are due to the constant exposure which led zep has received for the past 50 years., but are unfamiliar with many of the bands that boomers would recall from this time period.
Azalea the RainWing
kjdeeuhehfhfhdhfuhyedh I don't care that I was born in the 2000's and like 1900's songs. I like this song and I completely understand it X3
This song and Get Together were two of my favorites to listen to in the 60's on my AM radio on my bedroom desk. Love these songs even still today.
Brought here by "Dream Tower"; documentary about Rochdale College, Toronto, late 60's.
Someone told me years ago that this was The Captain and Tenille before they became 70s hits makers. Picture actually looks like it.
Tony Costa
This is the kind of music (LYRICS) we need in today's world, BADLY., but I'm afraid we've reached into the darkness. Most of today's music lyrics are a disgrace. NEEDS TO BE CLEANED UP!
Tony Costa
I think it WOULD be groovy now IF people WILL finally get together. 50 year old and further apart, SAD. Love this song.
R.A. The Rugged Man "Definition of A Rap Flow"
Thomas Roberts
When growing up really ment something..