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Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness

Dodano: 2009-08-15

Wyświetleń: 799229

Czas trwania: 03:08

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Opis materiału Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness



michelle johnson
Love this song man.
Stephen Greenfield
I prefer the English version recorded by Sons and Lovers .
TheVideo Commenter
Peter, they shot that poor boy Kennedy!
Michael Furia
fine bass player!
Colleen Jeffries
Calgon take me back to the 70's.
Big D Liquor
I heard this song in Cheaper By The Dozen when they're making breakfast. And I was like 6 when that movie came. For years been trying to find this damn song.
czarna dupa
Fruend und leiber
Gregory Reese
Comin' clean for Gene and onward from New Hampshire!
Marek Saltberg
Mo Money OST, K.R.U.S.H. and WhoSampled.com brought me here ;)
I kind of wonder who are the 2 singers in this group? We hear this song for 40 yeare but the names of the singers. ?