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Machine Gun Kelly - El Diablo [Official Audio]

Dodano: 2019-05-31

Wyświetleń: 4298346

Czas trwania: 02:17

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Opis materiału Machine Gun Kelly - El Diablo [Official Audio]

                  Machine Gun Kelly's  El Diablo available now! 

Hotel Diablo Tour tickets on sale now https://www.machinegunkelly.com/tour

Follow Machine Gun Kelly:

Animated by Martin "PoorMarty" Perry

#MachineGunKelly #ElDiablo #HotelDiablo #MGK                


Jordan Boyd
I love Eminem! But he was stupid for saying Kells is a mumble rapper. I can make out everything he says! Marshall Mathers may have met his match 🤷💯🔥🤙
Swearzt K
This song is on the new Need for Speed Heat , so dope !
Ben Drewry
Jam to this every day to my 9-5 engineering job lmaoo
little rapter2
You should diss em again
Richard Ouellette
Big fan of both em and mgk!! Seeing mgk live tonight for first time I’m hoping he plays this and glass house!!! Oh and floor 13 is lit!!!! Can’t wait
Jeordie Ghoul
The only thing I hate ab this song is how short it is.
Big Gargantuar
I don't listen to MGK but my god this song is just too good the first time I heard it I knew it was fire. Song too underrated.
Everyone get your shovels lets bury these pussy stans😝Lace up
Nikita Sharpov
Awwwww raaarrrraaaa 🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥💪