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Orjan Nilsen - Wait 4 It

Dodano: 2019-03-09

Wyświetleń: 69366

Czas trwania: 02:36

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Opis materiału Orjan Nilsen - Wait 4 It

                  Orjan Nilsen - Wait 4 It
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Returning to his In My Opinion label with another full-fledged banger, Ørjan Nilsen goes all out from the get-go. Ripe with big bass, screaming synths and swirling melodies, a mainstage rocker like this one can only be – ‘Wait 4 It’ – legendary. 

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No Name
orjan всегда писал лютый транс, понимаю что поднадоело или коммерция или хочется поэксперементировать, но не надо бы ему лезть в техно или хаус. Это примитивное музло для него. Этот трек исключение наверное. Но в целом он транс музыкант!
Mr Theo
Wait 4 what ?
Trance Republic
We like it !!!
Southern Hemisphere
There's a lot of empty elements missing and not filled enough. You should've called in William De Roo on this remix since he's done something similar. Or, just study the style more often. It's empty.
ste mcd
orjan nilson - guitarra
Joost Scholtens
Wow, just wow. Keep smashing the repeat button
Mata Beats
Dope 💥👌👍
this has to be massive song on main stage
Classic sound big room.. this is faya 🔥🔥
DynamiC Duo Oficial
ultra music festival 2019