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Mogwai - KIN (2018) [Full Album]

Dodano: 2018-08-31

Wyświetleń: 290624

Czas trwania: 41:52

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Opis materiału Mogwai - KIN (2018) [Full Album]

                  Mogwai - KIN (2018)
Genre: Film Score, Post Rock

01 - Eli's Theme 0:00
02 - Scrap 3:22
03 - Flee 6:13
04 - Funeral Pyre 11:09
05 - Donuts 14:28
06 - Miscreants 20:52
07 - Guns Down 23:58
08 - KIN 30:17
09 - We're Not done (End Title) 37:35

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Maitiu Jarrett
This album on repeat while playing No Mans Sky...unreal.
Jesse Amos
As a law enforcement officer all the senseless death I've seen over the years.i retreat to a place a safe place where I tune out the world.And at that one moment I wish a was Eli.I stand in the mist of this world and wonder if I take that step in that portal and cross over to a different and different universe.but would it be be worth leaving this one.but never the less this song gives me peace from the harsh world and reality we live in now.God bless you and stay safe love you all
George S.
Post rock everything
I'm gonna run on those munros on the isle of Skye while listening to this. I swear.👌
Mogwai, wie immer weit vorne. Gracias
Pedro Pablo Fernandez
it reminds me a little bit of sense8. Great music; great serial
Mogwai are absolutely mind blowing ALL the time!!!💖
I shag this album
Vic Petrella
DEMO - 01: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtoEItVF2bdsnfZkWTRXDnqy1Z1F8EKLH
Saw them 3 times live and that second time was greatest concert in my whole life.Second one was Mono on 24.04.2019..So beautiful,profound nd and poetic..