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Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

Dodano: 2017-11-07

Wyświetleń: 195049

Czas trwania: 38:21

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Opis materiału Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

                  Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

1. Moon Shadow 0:00 - 2:45 

2. Tuesday's Head 03:10 - 7:00

3. Wild World 7:35 - 11:00

4. How Can I Tell You 12:15 - 16.20

5. Maybe You're 17:00 - 20:40

6. I Love My Dog 21:25 - 24:20

7.  Bitterblue 27:00 - 30:15

8. Changes IV 30:30 - 34:05

9. Into White 35:00 - 38:10                


Qué hombre tan hermoso al igual que su bella música 😍😍
jtange08 granny
so many hits in such a shot time . if he would of kept on recording no telling how meany more he would of had add the fact he has such a peaceful voice
Philip Evans
"Seconds tick the time out...." Now, years pass in time and I'm still "on the road to find out"Forever relevant - then and now. Thank you Cat. Your music brought me peace - still does.
steve chase
Love his voice..so unusal sounding .wish Peace Train was on this
mark rosenstand
Gen Z it.
Suiseki John Miller
Just him his voice his guitar and his song... no need for a wrecking crew musician to make his song a hit...I saw him in concert and he sounded as good as his record... everyone in the audience ... thousands were simply captivated. When he left the business after nearly drowning ... or trying to commit suicide? ...but survived and left the record industry it was inevitable some things are too good to last... seeing him now so much older just isn’t the same
Carlos Rivas
this dude was so talented.
Cheryl Moatz
Awesome man, talented & sexy as hell!!!
B Niazi
He was only 23 years old! And the magic and genius that was coming out of him....is just out of this world!