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Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

Dodano: 2017-11-07

Wyświetleń: 171958

Czas trwania: 38:21

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Opis materiału Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

                  Cat Stevens - Live in Concert 1971

1. Moon Shadow 0:00 - 2:45 

2. Tuesday's Head 03:10 - 7:00

3. Wild World 7:35 - 11:00

4. How Can I Tell You 12:15 - 16.20

5. Maybe You're 17:00 - 20:40

6. I Love My Dog 21:25 - 24:20

7.  Bitterblue 27:00 - 30:15

8. Changes IV 30:30 - 34:05

9. Into White 35:00 - 38:10                


Cheryl Moatz
Awesome man, talented & sexy as hell!!!
B Niazi
He was only 23 years old! And the magic and genius that was coming out of him....is just out of this world!
Ian Labelle
There are certain artists that are able to touch my soul (Dylan, Simon, Lennon, Cohen) Cat is definitely at the same table. All of these artists had a profound effect on me when I was a kid. They consoled me through dark times and celebrated with me through the good times. They taught me how to be a better human being. Can Beyonce do that?
les moore
If there were more people like Cat, there would be less people like me.
Does anybody know who the other musicians are?And does he still work with them?
Arturo Martínez
A few weeks ago I drove to a beach near to my home town in Mexico, we made a stop and I noticed a Cat Stevens CD on my friend's other car and asked for it to borrow, after that It was the happiest trip of my entire life (67), in some parts of the road the tree branches passed from one side to the other, that and the music of Cat Stevens made explode in happiness.
Allan Steele
Cat Stevens was awesome 50 years ago and still awesome today , we need his music more today than ever before...
suzy boulay
the reality is this: Father Time has become a speed freak."How Can I Tell You"?
Lauren T.
Greatest crush of my young life. And at 62 … he will always be that to me.
Carolann Cannuli-Denton
Changes 4!! Yaoooowwwie MEOW!!LOL!