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Ritchie Valens's Greatest Hits | The Best Of Ritchie Valens

Dodano: 2016-03-13

Wyświetleń: 106043

Czas trwania: 01:04:12

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Opis materiału Ritchie Valens's Greatest Hits | The Best Of Ritchie Valens

                  Ritchie Valens's Greatest Hits | The Best Of Ritchie Valens
1. La Bamba
2. We Belong Together
3. Come On Let's Go
4. Donna
5. Ooh! My Head
6. That's My Little Suzie
7. Cry Cry Cry
8. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
9. Stay Beside Me
10. Dooby-Dooby-Wah
11. Framed
12. In a Turkish Town
13. Paddi-Wack Song
14. Fast Freight
15. Hi-Tone
16. Hurry Up
17. Rockin' All Night
18. Big Baby Blues
19. Bony-Moronie
20. Ritchie's Blues
21. Malaguena
22. My Darling Is Gone
23. Now You're Gone
24. Let's Rock and Roll
25. Rock Little Darlin'
26. Boney Maroney
27. Little Girl
28. Rhythm Song
29. From Beyond                


marca bolan eres el mejor valens
MessiBossMode YT
He was to young to go at least we still have some of his greatest hits
Pretty  damn good  talent  voice  for age  17.   Think  he  would have  been BIG if he had  lived.  He had the  talent, looks and  karisma.
Guitar out of tune on about half of these tunes but this Kid would have been one of the finest vocalists of the era had his voice matured. That last Duane Eddy thing is miserable and the drummer needs to be shot...twice.
popordoxo perro
eso si es musica hijos de su puta madre prprvlzalv
Digno de tenerlo en vinil y escucharlo en un tocadiscos, pero igual en digital esta genial.
Nemecys Ornelas
The best of all time
Fernando Comisaurio Bunks
Q verga no se escucha nada solo con cascos por que??
1958 Edsel Corsair
Good ol Ritchie
Harrison Strunk
god bless you all the good die young