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Michael Jackson- We've Had Enough HQ (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2011-09-17

Wyświetleń: 174577

Czas trwania: 05:48

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Opis materiału Michael Jackson- We've Had Enough HQ (Lyrics)

                  Lyrics for Michael Jackson's We've Had Enough
One of the many songs by MJ that carries a truly powerful message.
So please open up your heart and ears..sit back and really LISTEN! 

*There might be errors on the lyrics so please do correct me..! =D
**No Slanderous comments will be tolerated, they'll be immediately deleted.

Any request for a lyric video please feel free to leave a message! :))

Much L.O.V.E                


Samuel Owen
CONCAVE EARTH<< check :/
Lenuta Rossini
I wish the spiders doesn't exist
Gaby BM
Me encanta esa voz rasposa rrrrrr😎🌚.
Brenda wiener
darrel james
We've already had enough!
Mickael Jackson I love you!!!!!!!! Король
Столько эмоций, что все переворачивается... Нет ему равных!!! 2019 👍💞😍😘💞😍
me and mj group. the king of pop sationa
I love that song by him
Melanie R
My father died by a gunshot in 2007 so the beginning of this song really hit me
Aifric Brennan
This is the new world Anthem people !! go get em MJ ♡