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Michael Jackson- We've Had Enough HQ (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2011-09-17

Wyświetleń: 205799

Czas trwania: 05:48

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Opis materiału Michael Jackson- We've Had Enough HQ (Lyrics)

                  Lyrics for Michael Jackson's We've Had Enough
One of the many songs by MJ that carries a truly powerful message.
So please open up your heart and ears..sit back and really LISTEN! 

*There might be errors on the lyrics so please do correct me..! =D
**No Slanderous comments will be tolerated, they'll be immediately deleted.

Any request for a lyric video please feel free to leave a message! :))

Much L.O.V.E                


Adriana Foster
This song reminds me of Renaesciaunce of superheroes!
Aurora Steen
How could people missunderstand what a good and loving man he was?? 🤯 If he was gere today, the 'documentary' wiuldent existed. Now he's gone, he can't defend himselves, Moonwalkers have to stay strong and tell people about the truth!
Sevia Witcher
We all miss you and need you😭😭
Babita Singh
All meaningful his songs n so touchy
Mayara Jackson
Lindo amor Michael Jackson
Simone Footman
Could it be possible that Michael may have wanted to die because he was in so much mental agony from being taken advantage of and being lonely his whole life?
Priscilla Jones
Emely Wudke
am I the only one who reconiced the sentence in 3:48 minutes. Michael:" it's up to me and I'm still alive" Is that only a song or a message. I don't know what I should think after this. I need your opinions. Let's discuss about that.
Michael J
Super chanson ! On ne l'entend pas assez, elle est pourtant géniale. .MJ savait s'exprimer en chanson, et envoyer des messages ! Je l'adore cette chanson , elle est si puissante et si véridique !
Victoria Barkaoui
Michael i miss you 😢😢