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RelaxTrio - Don't You Mess With Me

Dodano: 2017-11-03

Wyświetleń: 548339

Czas trwania: 01:36

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Opis materiału RelaxTrio - Don't You Mess With Me

                  The second music video from our 7" vinyl EP "No Grudges" is out!
Get your own: http://www.junglerecords.fi/relaxtrio-no-grudges-ep.html

Film and edit: Aleksi Rinne                


Stella Ercolani
Nice job.
Stella Ercolani
Nice. My brother would call her fat. Go figure
Billey Winn / Bustos
Like it see justen Bieber this is what should be playing on the radio
red headed stepchild
You talkin' to me ?? No Way , Jose " !! Im gonna be messing with you till the Fuzz falls of the dice !! Got that , Dollface ?? Im in love ... and you cant deny it.
John Rambo
Wow!!! :) Wanna see again! :)
John Rambo
Wow!!! :) Like that Bass!
Horror's pop ?
I was casually listening to some Stray Cats and then these 3 popped in my recommendations, glad I wasn't disappointed
jozef farkas
BEST slap bass playin
jozef farkas
BEST slap bass playin