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Dodano: 2019-02-22

Wyświetleń: 85511

Czas trwania: 08:30

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Opis materiału DREAM THEATER - Pale Blue Dot (AUDIO)

                  "Distance Over Time", out February 22nd, 2019. Order now: https://dream-theater.lnk.to/DistanceOverTimeID                


Gentry King
Anyone else feel some Symphony X in this track: opening theme sounds like opening guitar riffs from "Divine Wings of Tragedy" (which is also 'Mars" from Gustav Holst's the Planets), 2:13 and 3:30 sounds like something from the "Odyssey" and the 5:50 sounds like something like parts of the "Death of Balance."
Petrucci is a Zeus Now
This is my favorite song right now period.
Chopi Vino
Drumer no skills at all...just normal.Very very heavy handed as well
Oleg Music
So far away from home, beyond a distant reachFaith whispers from the edge, returning piece by pieceA lonely point of light, captured in a final glanceA solitary hint of life, discovered it by chanceGod creators, dream destroyersSpineless cowards and fearless warriorsHopeful children, mothers and fathersOur blood filled river's fueled by hateWe worship heroes, kings and saintsBut who's out there to save us from ourselves?All you will ever know, all life that ever wasAll you despise or love, living out their livesThis isolated speck, hurtling through the cosmic darkWould seem to go astray if we were washed awayGod creators, dream destroyersKnowledge seekers and bold explorersHopeful children, mothers and fathersOut of this place we call our homeAdrift in space, we're on our ownBut who's out there to save us from ourselves?
Narpati Geztar
Enak bener buat lagu tidur. Langsung ketiduran dahh
Black Dog
Это моя была идея так назвать песню, вы плагиаторы(((((((((
Black Diamond
That riff, just before the vocals kick in, has clearly been inspired from Trivium's In Waves.
E-Hero Stratos
While my guitar djently weeps
Al Pra
This is what happen when you put vocal of in the Presence of Enemies' on The Dance of Eternity...😨😨😨