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Papa Roach - No Matter What

Dodano: 2011-05-28

Wyświetleń: 4065481

Czas trwania: 03:51

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                  Papa Roach's official music video for 'No Matter What'. Click to listen to Papa Roach on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/PapaRSpotify?IQid=PapaRNMW

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I need you right here, by my side
You're everything I'm not in my life.
We're indestructible, we are untouchable
Nothingcan take us down tonight
You are so beautiful, it should be criminal
That you could be mine.

And we will make it out alive
I'll promise you this love will never die!

No matter what, I got your back
I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that
I swearto God that in the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing                


Joan Jett 69
My god , what a freaking amazing way to tell some one you love them.... As my friend H says, I VERB you .... That's what it's all about ... Depth to the bitter end .
German Curilov
2020 I love this song!
I need a Comeback Like this good stuff Guys.
Pittsburgh Pirates Hat
my ex girlfriend sent me this when we were together and it almost made me cry and i don't know why i'm listening to this now after my best friend of 4 years took her and they both betrayed me and started trying to ruin my life and broke my heart and now i have been single since
michael kula
Kayla Estrada
Who else thinks this song is the beat song to dedicate to your special someone. I mean when it's all over all we have left is ourselves. So a big thanks to the ones who stay true to themselves. 2019 , we really made it
Curious Shrek
Almost 2020. Anyone?
Vanessa Toriz Parra
Buena música , increíblemente espectacular 🖤🖤
Joan Jett 69
My birthday is two days before this show ....hint , hint ...lol
Vanessa Toriz Parra
Exelente música ..🏴‍☠️