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3D Modeling Tutorial #52 - Designing Sci-Fi Hard Surface Shapes

Dodano: 2014-07-03

Wyświetleń: 28789

Czas trwania: 23:50

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Opis materiału 3D Modeling Tutorial #52 - Designing Sci-Fi Hard Surface Shapes

                  3D Modeling Tutorial #52 - Designing Sci-Fi Hard Surface Shapes

In this video I'll show you how to go about designing simple hard surface shapes. In later videos the designs will become more complex so practice at this stage to get a feel for combining boxes, cylinders, and other shapes to get a nice design.

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your tutorials are easily the best modeling tutorials on YouTube thank you so much for making these : )
Andnrew Morris
I notice you have Vray. How much does this improve your renders as opposed to just Mental Ray? Great videos?? Oh and ease of use. How do you find Vray in terms of learning curve? Thanks.
Bakhtiyar Suranchinov
"you're not quite sure if you get smth you like or smth that you hate" (c) ;)
I think you don't put enough emphasis on Select and Link anywhere.  I'd never seen it before, yet wondered how this was achieved.  Now sure I could have found out, but I've been following your tutorials and this simple concept is actually quite cool and useful.
Thanks. Even if I don't have 3DS Max, this tutorial is great. Finally, my robots won't look like shit.
Evgeny Dan
Hey man i really love your tuts. It has so much great information. But i have a question which might be very simple but what makes an object appear sci-fi? Thanks! @Arrimus 3D
Flounder Box
I actually just started watching your stuff after seeing your posts on facepunch, and these videos are proving super helpful. I don't know if you cover it in any of your other videos, but might I suggest a video about working with concept art/concept artists? The workflow you have here seem's great for proof of concept stuff, but examining the shapes needed to realize a piece of concept art might be an interesting video to watch.