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Attack on Titan SE03 EP55 - Armin's Theme OST | Epic Cover

Dodano: 2019-06-02

Wyświetleń: 248802

Czas trwania: 01:56

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Opis materiału Attack on Titan SE03 EP55 - Armin's Theme OST | Epic Cover

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Cover by: Friedrich Habetler

Original by: Hiroyuki Sawano

Image by: Modulius

Anime: Attack on Titan 
             Shingeki no Kyojin

Copyright Disclaimer:

Cover licensed by Friedrich Habetler through Soundrop

Recorded by Friedrich Habetler Music & Siegfried Song

Music composition by Hiroyuki Sawano

Image used by Jerry Fletcher (Modulius)


The sound of happiness that armin will be revived But the sad music saying that he will live only 13 years
Amir scofield
Crying when i listen to this one , reminds me my grandpa , beautiful and sadly motivational.
Who Are You?
1:32Wish I could hear an extended version of that with more harmonization
Eieder Me
"Berthold" it me of do Armin Fires of Colossal Titan a Berthold
Mr. TeaCake
The piano and cello is just to emotional
This is perfect recreation. You are excellent.
Armin Alert
Com-on guys you cant say this does not look like Petra
Tony Nunez
In order to obtain something must be lost, to see something more clearly you must lose sight of something else, someone who can't sacrifice anything is someone who can change nothing.