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The Last Sighs Of The Wind - We Are Trees [Full Album]

Dodano: 2017-07-09

Wyświetleń: 772691

Czas trwania: 50:12

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Opis materiału The Last Sighs Of The Wind - We Are Trees [Full Album]

                  Genre: Post metal/rock
Artist: The Last Sighs Of The Wind
Album: We Are Trees (June 21, 2017)
Country: Mahilyow, Belarus


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01. Your Wave Caresses Me 00:00
02. Anxiety 04:48
03. Despair 08:35
04. The Return Of Thunder 13:47
05. New Horizons 19:53
06. Bird's Song 24:49
07. Euphoria 28:55
08. Phobia 33:24
09. Vanity 37:50
10. The Frozen Moment 44:36

I don't own any copyrights for this album. All credits belong to The Last Sighs Of The Wind.

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Oleg Pod Live
Hello friends!I'm the guitarist of The Last Sighs Of The Wind, thank you very much for such a strong support and warm words!If you have any questions or I can help you, write to me here!
Esteban Altamirano
Pueden cambiarle el puto efecto del pedal a la guitarra en alguna cancion!!? Gracias.. Salu2
Ренат Аскеров
2:11 на первой👍по списку, зачёт !
Cyjanek Potasu
I had to sleep, but i couldn't stop listening
Isnt this kind of original? Metal/rock based on nature, it even has some ambient vibes to it! Instant like
euphoria is ridiculously good are you kidding me
Randy Fisher
Thank you for being creators for those that aren't.
Kris Santa
Why all bands stopped singing?! WTF?
I love the sound. I would love it even more if there were vocals to go along with it. I feel like they would hit deep.
Musika Li Roux PH
Titles of the song's describes me a lot, my emotions, how I look life the way it is. Auto-like......