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Mose ft. Suyana - Live at Heart Culture

Dodano: 2017-08-30

Wyświetleń: 3874349

Czas trwania: 02:04:38

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Opis materiału Mose ft. Suyana - Live at Heart Culture

                  Download this mix and others: https://www.patreon.com/mosemusica

New Mix Out: https://youtu.be/pKkZN1TezMk

Spotify Playlist with These Songs: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5fDXnUyRHCmBolmJ1rXHOx?si=38jaNWX0TuCRwbnpQJeUwg

Check Out Medicine Women (featuring Mose, Suyana, Nalini Blossom): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6KR2iGEnos&list=PLvtiNgvbQbA3VAlwcpni8fEhyC7c1RLQW

This was a live jam accompanied by the incredibly talented Suyana  performed for the beautiful people at Heart Culture Festival 2017 in Austria. None of this music was pre-arranged, I had groups of clips and created the arrangements out of those clips on the fly in response to the energy of the moment. The vibe was incredibly special, people really tuned in and offered us the opportunity to dive deep into experimentation and to let things flow effortlessly from the heart. These loops are parts of tracks I have been working on and all the music is unreleased except for the remix I did for Lannka - but the version here is unique to the moment and not in the same form as the released version. *All of these tracks are now released except for Shiva Shambo which still only exists as loops.

Here is the set list of the different song loop packs we explored along this journey:
Shante Ishta (written by Suyana)
Prophecy (written by Nalini Blossom) 
Shiva Shambo
Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Mose Remix)
Lannka - Wanderlust (Mose Remix)
Liquid Bloom - Fire Gathering (Mose Remix)
Raise Your Voice (written by Suyana)

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Ebon Asura
When I listened to this, I felt peace in my soul.
Hakan Elmas
My Favorideep✌️🎵🖤
AMAZING!!! One of my favourite things to listen to.........!! Thank you so much!!!
Hammer. Thank you lots. I remember dead can dance and dance,fly and ....
Nonser Viam
beni benden alan bir müzik. Resim ise mükemmel ötesi. Fotoğraf için bir link verirseniz size çok minnettar kalacağım.
Khepri The Rising Sun
When I was six, one of the questions I was asking myself mostly was - What created creation and what created the creator that created creation? This would mean the scenario happened if there was time. Time really doesn't exist. Movement exists. An always dancing snake creating shapes, never ending patterns - counssiousness itself. What you are seeing in this matrix is an orchestra. Let's give some examples of the blueprint of the architect. The game called life with it's main scenario "suffering". Suffering comes from the division of the whole spectrum of vibrations. Creating yin-yang, plus-minus, summer-winter, man-woman, Jesus-Lucifer , inhale-exhale and of course - Sun and Moon.. Duality was created along time ago. CREATED. You are born directly attached to the matrix game, having no choice but to play in this testing ground. The more you are attached to certain things, the denser reality gets. As we are multidimensional creatures creating all of this, we directly fall in the collective trap once we acquire our avatars. You have the blueprint, you have the collective counssiousness creating it's movie or set of rules. Movie that is dualistic and easily manipulated by the higher hierarchy. An energy trap that not many are successful passing. Thinking patterns being the key for control. Imagine you create a new specie. You put sugar, spice, and everything nice. No. You creating a map for these neurons (thinking patterns). You can probably figure out how DNA works too. How the body is formed with it's facial features. The whole idea of the dome, the blueprint, the yin and yang playing together is all created by a higher dimensional architect. When you are tripping on shrooms, LSD or other psychedelics, reality becomes dream like. This means that it is bending (Check the "There is no spoon" scene from the Matrix movie). When you are "tripping", thinking patterns or to be more accurate - these programs are getting disattached (Ego death). You'll see then how reality bends and it could be either heaven or hell. Depends on what lessons you still have to learn. I mentioned the collective. The more people having the same programs, the same reality they will share. This is polarity dancing - Karma. Another example is how they call it space. But in fact, there really is not any space above. For movement to occur, you'll need 4 elements/programs. Imagine yourself as a little goldfish in a tank. Our tank consists of all those 4 programs. Air being the lightest of them all. What is above air is the fifth element - Aether. The world of spirits. This is where we go in our dreams. Those five are known as Yehova AKA the tetragrammaton or pentagram. What is the pentagram? The Fibonacci sequence, the golden key, the primordial spiral. A mirror that is mirrored in another one. Changing reality and breaking the order is easy in case you understand how duality and the blueprint are working now. The illusion of the two enemies always fighting. Integrating your shadow and listening what those lower vibrations are trying to tell you will help you combine polarity. Counssiousness is one. It is all made for you. Egos or different thinking patterns are creating the separation. Earth and the Aether are directly connected. What is above is below. This is why our dreams are reflecting our vibrational state here. You choose Heaven or Hell. Remember, when you smile to another person, you smile to yourself.Your life was always being built on unconscious symbols (Fate). Pay attention to what is being told by your shadow self now and make it visible. Do not try to suppress anything. Watch Teal Swan's videos for more details on that, but make sure to investigate all along. Start with the constellations, mythology, religion, the occult, emotions, all of the spiritual practices, yoga, alchemy. It's all a map to figure out that the creator was always you.
Iz Charliz
Excellent merci 💛🌏💫
❤️ i think i just found myself
Markus Feuringer
Deep and profound love to everyone. Stay connected :)