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Don Diablo Live DJ Set From A Secret Moscow Rooftop

Dodano: 2019-09-04

Wyświetleń: 195974

Czas trwania: 01:38:52

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Opis materiału Don Diablo Live DJ Set From A Secret Moscow Rooftop

                  Future house pioneer Don Diablo joins us for an exlcusive genre-spanning DJ set from a top secret Moscow rooftop, in partnership with Miller Genuine Draft.

#DonDiablo #Moscow #DJMag 

Watch Don Diablo's amazing sunset mix from a boat in Ibiza -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikRwLOK5IX0

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Don Diablo
Hope you guys enjoy this set! Put a lot of love into it! Big up DJ Mag and thank YOU for all the <3 Which city should I do a secret DJ set next?!
Adil Mohammed
What a set should do one in London over looking the Thames on a rooftop would be amazing
if it possible, i definitely would marry with this drop 35:56
Emmanuel Miranda
Música tan hermosa, te amamos desde Latinoamérica Don Diablo!!♥️
Mauka Dreads
Amazing, top notch Don. Thank you for making our lives better. I have played this set so many times already, turning new fans on and stoking old fans alike. We are grateful!
Fantomas Chateau & Rooftop - Moscow, Russia Epic Place) Welcome)
Hydroponics Full Spectrum
Ну как обычно, какой-то олигарх заказал себе Дона в кафе! А для простых смертных концерт устроить??
Alex Borelli
Number 1 dj your versatility is impressionable
Jorhan Arosemena
epic set sir keep it up , will be on the track list now.