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Into the Great Wide Open ~ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Dodano: 2010-08-24

Wyświetleń: 566963

Czas trwania: 04:08

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Opis materiału Into the Great Wide Open ~ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

                  Many people, myself included, say there is nothing to see in North Dakota.  That may be true in some areas some of the time.  During the summer when the fields are about ready for harvesting, it can be very beautiful.  You just have to open your eyes and look.  These pictures were taken from the car while driving on I-94 heading west to Montana, and a few on our return.  Sunrise in Bismarck on our way there and the sunset on our way back home.  5 or so pictures are from the Painted Canyon Overlook at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Song is Tom Petty's 'Into the Great Wide Open' which definitely describes North Dakota :)                


Marcus Pennington
My 1st skydive from 11,500' was recorded using the soundtrack of Tom Petty.
josé Santandreu
Gracias, tom
Alexander Steiner
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was the GoAT!!!!!!! Nuff said
Mouko#1 The Real One
Willy Boy
he will always be with us thru his magical music.
joe moegelin
@6 seconds rip to headphone users
Ethen Nicholson
2019 anyone
Has anyone noticed that this song played on the season 12 episode of Family Guy called “12 and Half Angry Men” where Mayor Adam West is water Skiing?
Ruth Jones
I heard this song a lot when I worked at Dillard's
Jayson McEwen
The way how he softly sings, "The skyyyy waaas the limit." gets me every single time. Tear.