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Amy Grant - Who to listen to

Dodano: 2013-04-15

Wyświetleń: 39375

Czas trwania: 04:23

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Brenda Johnson
Life good
Escuto a música da Amy Grant deste criança. Amo essas músicas ❤
Ryan Lorch
Joni Mitchell somehow brought me here...
★* Panterka *★
Great ❤
Jason Harris
This song was my 'happy place' in my college years.I only went to a Baptist school for one year at the time.😑
Pretty Blue Eyes
I listened to Amy Grant back in the day when I was younger.
SUSAN Parrish
Thank you so much Amy!!!😊❤💙💜💛💖💚❤Listened to all your songs in high school and so did my friends.......your songs have always been a blessing and true inspiration to me for like....ever!!!!😊❤ The lord bless you and keep you.... forever!!!❤💖💚💛💙💟❤
Denise Rich
love amy
love this cd...full of soo much wisdom & good advice...gr8 life lessons
Miami vice brought me here...