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Oleta Adams Many Rivers To Cross

Dodano: 2016-02-01

Wyświetleń: 24561

Czas trwania: 04:04

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Opis materiału Oleta Adams Many Rivers To Cross



This is my song for you James Peter pace miss you so so much daddy
queen bee
This song ALWAYS keep on tears..reminding me of the loss of my older sister..who didnt deserve to leave this world so soon..but questioning GOD and his plan..we all will NEVER should question..but DAMN..DO WE HAVE A SAY
Kay Jay
Make me think about my grandma smh😢😭
I've crossed many, and have many more to go.
Jennifer Sims
"Mannnny Rivers to Crosssssss..."
Louise Robinson
Oh what a voice. Beautiful. And loved her chains of a woman. Sublime.
gylendar love
She has such a beautiful voice
Now this song has always done something so strong & overwhelming inside of me.......#Oleta❤❤ #JimmyCliff
Damn! I never thought I find someone doing as good a job of this song as the original singer, my country man, the incomparable Jimmy Cliff!, from the Soundtrack, The Harder They Come. You go Ms. Adam's with your bad-!self! Love it!