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SHANGUY - Toukassé (Official Video)

Dodano: 2019-03-18

Wyświetleń: 2838082

Czas trwania: 03:27

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Opis materiału SHANGUY - Toukassé (Official Video)

                  SHANGUY - Toukassé (Official Video) out now.
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It’s a revolution for the Shanguy collective, who welcomes the young french-italian artist Shady for the new single “Toukassé”, the fusion of the words “tout” and “cassé”, with a sense of abstraction and destruction as visualized in the artwork.
Approaching their first hit “La Louze”, “Toukassé is the sad end of a relationship, between thoughts, wounds and regrets, when you definitely would break everything and you need to scream, sing, dance.
Their debut single “La Louze”, Top 40 Shazam Global chart with almost 2 million total shazams, topped charts and radio airplay in France, Poland, Italy and Russia (platinum award in Poland); big international results also for the second one “King Of The Jungle”, counting over 50 million views on YouTube together with the first, over 20 million total streaming plays.

Directed by Mini Astronauts
Video Performed by Shanguy
DoP: Niccolò Cacace 
Line producer/1AD: Fosca Ferraro
Ass. camera: Arturo brunetti
Styling: Greta Gerardi 
Make up: Carlotta Cantoni
Ass Make up: Camilla Sammarco
VFX: Omtode
Doll : " Free Fantasy Dolls " by Nickis Fabbrocile

Crediti styling:
- scarpe Buffalo 
- scarpe New Rock 
- borsa Hussain Haraba



Myriane Huard
J'aime beaucoup! Bisous du Canada 🇨🇦
сергей амбарнов
Блин, ну и заводная песня!!! Мне очень понравилась, и девушка оригинальная. Интересный проект, разносит всё)
Nata Koptseva
Блять! Какая она классная!!!
Роман Юров
Sandr Imperium
Vladimir Pogodin
еш матреш , у девахи ноги 2/3 роста , обалдеть )))) и песнь приятная
The Matt
Клава Кока что то взяла с этого трека ,в свой "зая"
Girl Tube
Ona nie zbyt ładna ale głos piekny
Rafael Matavelli
Your voice is the sexiest thing. oh. God!
Kazakh boy
Kto jest z Polski