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Jethro Tull Benefit

Dodano: 2013-09-22

Wyświetleń: 115820

Czas trwania: 42:27

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Opis materiału Jethro Tull Benefit

                  1970   Full ALbum                


I went out and bought this album just from hearing To Cry You a Song from an open 3rd floor window in our apartment complex. It still takes me back to a beautiful time in my youth. Glorious album.
Frank Wellbinder
'Music' exists today? Surely nothing you hear on the radio or in 98% of bands. Sensitivity was conferred upon Ian that eludes all but the most gifted. Any connoisseur of Tull is welcome in my house. Timeless - and Ian says it's his least favourite!
Shlomo Wasser
ian Anderson was only getting here...the writer for quartet/quintet arrangements in progressive rock...matchless!
Jess Saes Christian UV
Inside @ 30:11, ..... that which is "sufficient".. is / was the teaching. Happy for what one has been given, this day give thanks to your father in heaven. Tomorrow it could be gone you,.. and your wanting great. as well. all is well. - J esus
javier hernandez
Its not "teacher " song
Carolyn Boyd
Dale Nelson
Nine years old listening to this under the Christmas tree.
john emeigh
I've seen Tull at COBO 4 times. Always, they were fantastic. Ian is quite the joker ya' know. Stories abound. He's like a smart-ass genius. His talent is/was way beyond. He had fun in Detroit, I think. We were just astounded every time.
Marcio Henrique
Excelente álbum,curto demais JETHRO TULL
Gonzalo Martínez
Cuando el rock valìa ¡