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GLEE - We Are Young (Full Performance) HD

Dodano: 2016-09-09

Wyświetleń: 5558498

Czas trwania: 02:58

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Opis materiału GLEE - We Are Young (Full Performance) HD

                  GLEE - We Are Young (Full Performance) HD
Season 3, Episode 8 - "Hold On To Sixteen"
ALL RIGHTS TO FOX                


Daniel Santana
Santana me da ganas de abrazarla cuando se queda solita :( gracias Rachel pero esperaba que lo hiciera Quinn
Mariam Pirtskhalava
I love how puck smiles at rachel in the beginning their friendship is cute
Today was my last day of classes, and two classmates sang this song to give the farewells. I'm still crying😭😭
Minecraft creeper xbox
i love how 1 min santana and lea are rivals and then 1 min later they are holding hands in we are young
Luly Alcaraz Bueno
sincerely, I think is the best scene from 3 season.
Just Noone
Santana and rachel, Mercedes and quinn 😍
Viciada em Now United
Queria que na minha escola tivesse um grupo do coral
Enting Gulles
This number is one of the best in the best season of glee.
Camii Santiag
Almost 2020 and I'm here crying ❤️💔
damian lindo
rising star 🌟 star search musical talents