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Dodano: 2019-04-11

Wyświetleń: 284817

Czas trwania: 05:03

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Opis materiału ELUVEITIE - The Slumber (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

                  Taken from 'ATEGNATOS': http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatos. SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: http://nblast.de/NBytb / SUBSCRIBE to ELUVEITIE: http://nblast.de/SUBeluYT

The new album 'ATEGNATOS' is out now on Nuclear Blast!

Nuclear Blast: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatos
Spotify: http://nblast.de/ELUVEITIEatePreSave
iTunes: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatosIT
Apple Music: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatosAM
Google Play: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatosGP
Amazon: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatosAZ


- concept, script and direction: Chrigel Glanzmann
- cameras & co-direction: Manuel Schütz of Eighty7visions & Kay Brem
- edit & vfx: Chrigel Glanzmann
- make up: Tamara Schön & Chrigel Glanzmann

- Fabienne Erni, Chrigel Glanzmann as „people of the west“
- extra: Mike Bigler & Manuel Schütz as „people of the west“
- Chrigel Glanzmann as Sesroneos

Produced by Eluveitie. 

Thanks to Eighty7visions for dedicated work, ZhdK für extra equipment and Gaswerk Winterthur for a nice location & fine hospitality!

Like: https://www.facebook.com/eluveitie
Follow: https://twitter.com/eluveitie
Watch: http://nblast.de/SUBeluYT                


Xenous Prime
I like the new style very much.
Jaffar Naqvi
205 idiots dislikes die u idiots... Eluveitie shines
Martin Mattsson
n the congress reel.. f*in awesome!!!!
Dylan Gregory
Eluveitie is gettin a little weird with their image but hey the music is sick and this new album is great. I was worried about the lineup changes but they proved me wrong.
Tibori Andrei
Absolutely love this track, probs my favourite of the album. The hurdy gurdy parts behind the vocals are so amazing, especially the chorus.
Ilona Hebrajska
Amazing song! :D
Ategnatos is one of the best albums without a doubt. Fabienne has improved a lot, I was surprised by the quality that Eluveitie keeps after the departure of the previous members ...
Chrigel is such a god 🤘💜
Uhu Stick
Elveitie 3.0 scheint so gut wie Elveitie 2.0 zu sein. Bisher ist der Song der schlechteste des Albums und selbst der ist ganz akzeptabel.
Colt Precise