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How to Conquer Your Mind and Embrace The Suck | David Goggins | Goalcast

Dodano: 2017-11-11

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Czas trwania: 10:32

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Opis materiału How to Conquer Your Mind and Embrace The Suck | David Goggins | Goalcast

                  Embrace The Suck speech: Navy SEAL veteran David Goggins shares how he overcame so many debilitating obstacles to later achieve incredible military and personal honors, and the mentality that kept him going and made him push beyond his limits. 

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Jacob Flores
This is amazing...
Jacob Flores
I'm a veteran.... I joined because my mother told me, stand up for myself, I stood up for a whole country...
Gavin Gorden
“Embrace the suck” sounds so weird, but so true
He is the real mvp
When trying to motivate others, just tell them, "Hey, just Goggin it, bro!"
Vedant Padhye
He was the topic when a guy came in our college for a motivation session!!!!so i checked him out
Clown Baby
Embrace the SUCC
xRoyal - RekzZ
These people all have special background storys...
Aaron In Cambodia
I’ll never be mediocre again. 🙏🏻❤️🤙