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Bulls vs. Sonics - 1996 NBA Finals Game 6 (Bulls win 4th championship)

Dodano: 2009-09-07

Wyświetleń: 1918351

Czas trwania: 10:45

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Opis materiału Bulls vs. Sonics - 1996 NBA Finals Game 6 (Bulls win 4th championship)


With Scottie Pippen and Ron Harper affected with an assortment of injuries the Bulls give a complete team effort in Game 6 to capture their 4th championship. Scottie Pippen as always gave a great effort defensively and pushed the ball to set up easy points for the Bulls. Dennis Rodman was huge in the 2nd half on the offensive boards and his energy in the 3rd qtr was the key to blowing the whole game open.                


h n
I dont know how many times I watched this game.what a Dynasty.
Best In The Smoker's World
Everybody knows the Bulls could have swept the Sonics that year. They lost the last two in Seattle on purpose just so they could win on their home court.
Thomas Lee
Does anyone know how many points mj scored in game 6 in the fourth quarter just curious?
Miroslav Pandža
Toni Kukoč....
Fidel Solis
This is how great champions and great teams play. I'm so grateful use to see this when I was kid here in Chicago. Very proud of the bulls. It's like poetry in motion.
Danial Tabumi
Jordan, Rodman, Pippen and Kerr
William Jenkins
Dennis reverse layup and the and one got the crowd super hype 6:00😂😂😂
John Rayne
As a kid from Seattle watching this series was fucking heartbreaking. You don’t know how thrilling it was to watch kemp and Payton that year bulldoze their way thru the last half of the regular season and the playoffs just to come face to face with the GOAT himself.. Jordan.. and possibly the greatest bulls team he had yet behind him. We knew we were outclassed after the first game. The rest was just trying to play catch up. Much respect to Jordan Pippen and Rodman but fuc Steve Kerr. I would take a big smooth over Kerr any day of the week.
Eet given new name in eternal life Holy ghost
God speed holy Michael Jordan holy Michael Phelps holy scottie pippen holy bulls because we the people of the United States of America are straight up standing up
Eet given new name in eternal life Holy ghost
Holy king james Ingram and not holy king james england