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HIM - In Joy and Sorrow (Lyrics)

Dodano: 2012-12-06

Wyświetleń: 615431

Czas trwania: 4 min

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Opis materiału HIM - In Joy and Sorrow (Lyrics)

                  In Joy and Sorrow by HIM (lyrics video).

My first attempt at making a lyrics video, using iMovie.

UPDATE: Thank you so much for the views and likes. I put a lot of effort into the timing of the words and the 'aesthetics' of the video, so I really appreciate the support. I might upload another lyrics video one day...

*No copyright infringement intended by the use of this song*                


Harmizi Musa
So melodic and melancholic
Shanna Pajanostan
Why is his voice so emotional and deep I really can feel his burden..love you Mr..
Doug Demon
I pledge my heart to His Infernal Majesty !! \,,/ \,,/
Marta Twardowska
saying openly, there are probably no reasons to go officially against cia, and it wasn´t needed to wait 30 years. Tortures are tortures and there is no country, which would justify tortures officially even USA not and they should go officially and fight for their righst against cia.
Shanna Pajanostan
Very beautiful song...😥😥😥 Ville looks like Johnny Deep😘
megane v
Still you, in joy and sorrow.Since day one I head this song like a decade ago. ❤️
my home's in your arms..in world so hollow, it's breaking my heart <3
Nemanja Živojinović
love you
Neverend Ona
Me to....
Jeanette Youngblood Robles
Still listening in 2019!