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Sabaton Carolus Rex Album (Swedish Version)

Dodano: 2016-05-07

Wyświetleń: 246755

Czas trwania: 45:47

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Opis materiału Sabaton Carolus Rex Album (Swedish Version)

                  All rights go to Nuclear Blast and Sabaton.                                                                                                                     Ovo je jedini album Carolus Rex na youtube koji je na svedskom jeziku . Uzivajte :D :D                


Morgoth Bauglir the Master of the fates of Arda
Here is list of songs...0:00 Dominium maris Baltici /Lejonet från Norden 5:12 Gott Mitt Uns 8:33 En Livstid i krig 14:21 1 6 4 8 18:19 Karolinens Bön 24:38 Carolus Rex 29:33 Ett Slag Färgat Rött 33:58 Poltava 38:05 Konungens Likfärd 42:12 Ruina Imperii
Deividy Mario
I don't understand a single word, because my mother language is Portuguese (Brazil), and my English is not that good.But oh boy, I can say that this álbum is even better in Swedish.
I want to learn Swedish now. Mainly for a Swede I know who has cancer, but also for Sabaton. c:
ivan f
This album made me start learning Swedish, for no particular reason, mainly for fun. I think that Sabaton is epic in English but even more in Swedish
Eryk Pakuła
A Polakom zaśpiewamy o powstaniu.
Greetings from Poland, many years ago Sweden was our enemy, but the enemy, who deserves for a really big respect. Now Swedish Sabaton is well-known and liked band in Poland, as your country, but me and many other Polish people still respect you. I want to see you in real one day.
Natte Crazy
ja nu hittade jag den svenska
As a dane, i am proud of my Swedish ancestry.
Jellou Jelli
L'album est fantastique
I don't understand more than a fraction of a word maybe, but damn if it's not just as great as in english. Maybe better.