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Nujabes - Feather (Instrumental)

Dodano: 2015-11-29

Wyświetleń: 98181

Czas trwania: 02:53

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Opis materiału Nujabes - Feather (Instrumental)



Where my 2020s at ???
Darnese Bell
The artwork is dope also
big wave
This isn’t the original one, you just replaced the drums with your wack ass self made shit, I bet it took you a year to make those wack ass drums! R.I.B Nujabes
Optamis Tyme
An Infinite Tranquility S.P.O.R.E. Blissful reveries permeate upon contemplation of a Tranquility of which goes on unto Infinity. Utter enthrallment at the vastness of a cosmos so expansive overcome my apathy state of being prior to becoming awestruck in wonderment by the universe above of me. The excessive luminosity emanating from City lights produce incessant light pollution clouding our view of the stars tonight. A constellation and nebular observational culmination produce such elation, and a felling of the utmost beatitude take precedence over incredulous supernatural fabrication all lacking evidence. Negativity circumventing amongst sentient beings exasperates a misunderstood circumstance formulating an incredulous explanation of ignorance. Quantification of the infinite is vindication of connectivity to a realm yet to be determined real, but yet I feel it just as vivaciously as if it were to be actuality to me. Tranquility infinity visionary of the symphony epiphany in reverie I see that it will come to be. Comfortably I sit in a state of infinite tranquility the poetry she just comes to me mentally as it’s meant to be. Gently I inventively construct the sentences sent to me, aesthetic poetic syntax impacts my inner being relentlessly. My mind it vacillates at the vastness that awaits in contrast to the past much like ground that ungulates, my future manifest I must confess smooth ground abound won’t complicate the feeling of healing is infinite. My muse I choose she implicates an endless Stent of pensiveness I’m meant for more than this I’m sure the kiss of blissful risk galore, shows to me must not dismiss I will proceed with endurance beautiful this life of mine such as Devine I hold in mine a tranquility I feel infinity is such surreal an ocean of a potion tantamount to none but we’ll come together as one forever the sun she sets we feel.
" I've been reading some ghosts, that had some notes about a palm, future about his and her, and some diary, Fighting, suseptible to casualties, Ayyo, why you mad at me?, I had cleanse what I had to siege, It's like the third grade, all these eyes on me, Hanging, they don't have the scenes, Of what I got to see, Clues all across the histories, The silence in his sleeves, but they don't understand the means, Till the end, I just keep it me, One step to breath, it's so, so beauty free, what that means, it's pure truth of realities, not for cowards please, That's something you won't comprehend till you've gotta leave,OR you fight to bleed, In esoteric schemes, So ... , Hook: Forever got these running shoes out the box, "
It's a remake, but it's well made to be honest.
Funnky 21
It's 2019 and this still LEGIT ❤️
Dewan Foster
Wow 😮
Mathis T
It's a different drums beat than the original track, prefer the original one
Jay Deniz VG
rest in peace jun seba