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John Petrucci Of DREAM THEATER On Why The New Album Is Short & More | Metal Injection

Dodano: 2019-02-28

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Czas trwania: 10:01

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Opis materiału John Petrucci Of DREAM THEATER On Why The New Album Is Short & More | Metal Injection

                  We sit down with Dream Theater's John Petrucci to discuss 10 Questions about the new album including the album title, why it's shorter than other DT albums, the writing process and so much more! 

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Jeremy Piquette
Dreamtheater is a huge reason there are so many great players now.
500 subscribers no videos
Drummers everywhere have been triggered
rasif rahman
so a song this technical takes 1-3 days to finish? my guitar is for sale..
Stratos Eleftheriadis
Best album since SDOIT. Very focused writing, strong melodies, tight and exceciveless compositions, remniscent of the old nineties DT magic. Cannot put it down! Highly recommended to any serious music fan.
Alan Isams
Frank Vacaro
It is by far your best sounding album. I love all of your stuff, but this is my favorite albums since Images and Words. Barstool Warrior.... favorite. Every time I hear the guitar solo it makes me tear up. Beautiful.Pale Blue Dot.... a close second. See you in Detroit. Looking forward to it.
mark castillo
Good formula because a lot of DT cds are overblown sessions of self indulgent,gibberish that really doesn't appeal to all. This cd is full of good music,imagine that?
Ana Ledesma
He is Perfect!!!
robin james
such a great guy and a great concise album
I thought it was exceptionally tasteful and well written. I was not a big fan of their previous album, but this one stood out as a no-nonsense rocking album.