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sHE'S brOKen // billie eilish lyrics

Dodano: 2017-03-07

Wyświetleń: 3799071

Czas trwania: 02:45

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Opis materiału sHE'S brOKen // billie eilish lyrics

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this is my fucking song get away from her she's scared
Amber Nicodeine
She sounds so much like Stevie Nicks in this song ❤️☺️💕
Serenity Patterson
Y'all she obviously mean sbren and not he's ok
*lost in reverie*
S[he]’s de[p]r[e]ss[ed]
Amina Celi Esmeraldas
She's not Billie
Her lyrics are shallow as fuck. Damn.
I’m sorry but this is Daenerys and Jon
StarLight’s Memes
these comments aren’t even funny. yes, i’m 14 and i don’t act like most the comments and a lot of my friends (they’re 14) don’t act like that either. the “memes” are just attacking 14 year old girls and it’s really annoying. stereotypical. like stfu lmao but really, the goofy sound HEOK comments are really funny okay bye
Anita Surman
sHE beLIEved