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Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War (Official Music Video)

Dodano: 2011-04-05

Wyświetleń: 94586689

Czas trwania: 06:01

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Opis materiału Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War (Official Music Video)


Music video by 30 Seconds To Mars performing "This Is War".
Best of Thirty Seconds To Mars: https://goo.gl/c3H8id
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/QaW2fA

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Gabrielly Lima
Maluco é bravo😜✌
Stormy Weather
Walker Ward
It's like modern warfareBtw I'm crying because of this because I'm thinking of all the people who died for us
Mily Mateo
Full metal ?
Itz Meh
Anyone here for sao abridged and 2019?
Lisa Harrison
I think this is just an awesome video. The lyrics are so right.Thank you for your service to all vets out there. My dad is a vet of the Korean war. Air Force.✌️✌️✌️
Red River Downfall Parodies
Typical Battlefield 2 experience
sandra cristine
Hino ❤
Pooo Radny
3:28 wtf?!
magneto solo confirmed