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Armin van Buuren - Full Focus (Official Music Video) [High Quality]

Dodano: 2010-06-23

Wyświetleń: 1479317

Czas trwania: 03:37

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Opis materiału Armin van Buuren - Full Focus (Official Music Video) [High Quality]

                  Download this video on iTunes: http://bit.ly/fullfocusVIDIT
Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/avbfullfocusIT
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Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/FullFocusSP
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It's time to focus on the future. Time to start counting down to September 10th 2010. On that day, the fourth artist album of Armin van Buuren will be in stores. And we've got a little teaser awaiting you...

The year 2010 brought Armin van Buuren a great challenge. After his '76', 'Shivers' and 'Imagine', he's set the bar even higher and started working on his fourth artist album. Encouraged by the many awards and accolades he's received over the years, but most of all by the millions of music lovers and fans who party and support him tirelessly during his many gigs, Armin kept on going. His unstoppable drive to create new music saw him spending all the time he could spare in between his gigs and travels, in the studio. Those months of hard work and creativity have now come together on his fourth artist album, of which we'll reveal the title very soon...

September 10th 2010 is the date Armin fans need to mark on their calendars. But to make the wait a little less long and keep you going during the summer months, Armin will give you a taste of the album by presenting the first single: 'Full Focus'.

On 'Full Focus', Armin returns to his core sound. The result is a banging trance track with a classical touch, techy effects and a strong feel for drama. But best is to find out for yourself what 'Full Focus' does for you...

'Full Focus' will be available on iTunes Thursday June 24th 2010, 00:00 sharp. The single will be available on all major download-portals from July 5th onwards.

Another thing...
Be aware, be prepared and get ready for... a new Armin Only Worldtour! Dates to be announced very soon.

Video by Dancefoundation


Вадим Шляхтин
Jessica Belcher
Mega tune !
Tomas Racko
Incheba, Bratislava
mehdi benz
2017 !
ани ани
My biggest dream is to meet you Armin before i die I love you so dmn much!!!!
Amstaff love for my Angel
Armin love<3
Gombos Ilona
Beautiful <3
Full Focus Free Download Remix ! https://soundcloud.com/novkers/armin-van-buuren-full-focus
iLoveTrance andProgressive