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Suga (슈가) - Agust D Lyrics (Han|Rom|Eng) Color Coded Lyrics

Dodano: 2017-07-22

Wyświetleń: 1735528

Czas trwania: 03:53

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Opis materiału Suga (슈가) - Agust D Lyrics (Han|Rom|Eng) Color Coded Lyrics


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Korean: ilyricsbuzz
Rom: ColorCodedLyrics
Eng: ilyricsbuzz

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Hey guys! i know this is kinda random but if you wanna request or ask stuff you can ask me here : https://curiouscat.me/iweee thank you 💗✨
Suga vs Eminem
Anime Bae
Does anybody notice how the beat kinda sounds like bts dope? No? Just me ok...
Gacha Banana
Lol, if your on computer or laptop put on captions, it's funny 😂
Parinita Banerjee
1:53 , who else hears J-Hope
Shawafi AW
No, suga isn’t the best rapper alive. Suga isn’t even on the list of top 20 rappers of all time. He could be your favorite, but he’s not the best. He’s lyrically impressive, but carries a consistent vibe through his discography. His storytelling is quite okay, not impressive but not bad. He doesn’t go too hard like Rap Monsters’ “Joke” (which isn’t faster, but is a WHOLE LOT better in terms of bars, punchlines, has better production, doesn’t not have a hook which allowed him to go fully off) , he doesn’t go hard like this song ever due to the fact that his fan base is based upon kpopers who appreciate more rhythm and vocals, shorter verses and longer hooks. Otherwise he could’ve done more songs like this. Overall his cons outweigh his pros. Is he the best Korean Rapper? He’s second after RM. Is he the worlds best rapper? Not a single chance. Is he faster than Eminem? Listen to Eminem’s verse on ‘speedom’; answer is no. Eminem can go faster if he wants to, suga also can. There are a WHOLE LOT rappers who go faster than this. But we can’t compare, because in Korean words rhyme easier allowing him to use simple vocabulary and rap much faster using less tongue effort. He could go faster if he wants. Any rapper who’s lyrically talented can but THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY’RE AIMING FOR! So Should we all stop bothering who raps faster? Yes.
Doreen Sadova
I still don't understand how a human can have 3 completely different sides 1 cute little meow meow 2 this savage suga 3 extra I just don't understand 😑
Crazy squirrel 123
It is called talent when you can rap along without trouble??¿¿ 😂😂
did he even get to breathe
hey it's ya girl uh, dumbass-
top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss# 1 - suga