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To do (verb) - Japanese Lesson 6

Dodano: 2011-06-05

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Czas trwania: 12:17

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Opis materiału To do (verb) - Japanese Lesson 6


Japan Society currently offers 12 comprehensive levels of Japanese, as well as a variety of specialized courses and workshops including shodō (Japanese calligraphy). Courses take place year round with Fall, Spring and Summer semesters along with intensive and specialized courses throughout the year, so please stop by or visit our website for more information.


Please view Lesson 5 for more verbs and vocabulary.

In this lesson you will learn a very useful Japanese verb "shimasu" - "to do". Proper sentence structure will also be covered, adding places, people and time to the sentence.


shimasu - to do (something)
benkyou o shimasu - to study
shigoto o shimasu - to work
kaigi o shimasu - to have a meeting
kaimono o shimasu - to shop
jogingu o shimasu - to jog
pati o shimasu - to party
tenisu o shimasu - to play tennis
kyou - today
ashita - tomorrow
kino - yesterday
asatte - day after tomorrow
ototoi - day before yesterday
uchi - house
kouen - park
depato - department store
kaisha - company (office building)
gakko - school
tomodachi - friend
sensei - teacher
hisho - secretary

Sentence structure:

Time (day of the week) + Place + de (particle for action at a place) + Person + to (particle for "with whom") + verb


Ashita kouen de Mary-san to tenisu o shimasu
Tomorrow I play tennis with Mary at the park

For more information about Japanese language classes at the Japan Society, please visit our website!



Kono Suba
Thank you so much this is so useful💙 please make some videos🤗 love from Indonesia🇮🇩
Nauman Khan
where is lecture num 7?
I said uchi de benkyou o shimasu and I thought I was wrong then you said you need de after and I got confused lol
Fellow Innocent Otaku
I would be really happy if they make a app about their lesson in japanese :)
Muna Shrestha
Very useful !!arigatu gojaimasu!!
D3D 53C
I would appreciate it if the videos included Kanji (with furigana of course) in the inscript text. The Kanji are the only thing these videos don't seem to cover.
Garima Goel
I love how there’s a little photo of herself when she gives an example about learning at japan society😂❤️its cute and funny
cho thanda
Very good teacher.
MaLin Malindić
ashita kouen de Mary-san to nani o shimasu ka ?
Satyendra Kumar
Arigato gozaimasu