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Girls' Generation 少女時代 'GALAXY SUPERNOVA' MV Dance ver.

Dodano: 2013-09-05

Wyświetleń: 60447266

Czas trwania: 03:30

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Opis materiału Girls' Generation 少女時代 'GALAXY SUPERNOVA' MV Dance ver.

                  2013/9/18 New Single 「GALAXY SUPERNOVA」Release!
2013年第2弾シングル!「サマンサタバサ ジーンズ CMソング」
iTunes : http://umusic.ly/snsd_itunes
レコチョク : http://umusic.ly/snsd_recochoku
少女時代official HP : http://www.girls-generation.jp/
UNIVERSAL MUSIC HP : http://www.universal-music.co.jp/girlsgeneration/
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration.jp
Official LINE : http://line.naver.jp/ti/p/@girlsgenerationjp                


Aashwi Bhatt
it took me 6 years to realize they've been saying "cutest person in the galaxy, galaxy OH" 😔😔😔
CaFran Edma
Watching this again after seeing fany RFYL
Berna Ann Ramos
October 2019. Anyone?
Becci Kinomoto
Number 1? Who is the Number 1? Oh I Know It! ❤Girls Generation is Number 1 of K-Pop Queens Forever! ❤
Kpop Eve
Wow tb
QueenAwaa Kingdom
Still impress how can sooyoung legs so long and good.
jisooturtlerabbitkim UwU
who misses old kpop ?!
Alleona Marie
Treadstone Operative
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