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michael jackson billy jean lyrics

Dodano: 2009-07-19

Wyświetleń: 2217572

Czas trwania: 04:56

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                  we rememder the ring of pop as THE best artist we remender the legendary king of pop as a good man who has the best music ever R.I.P. MJ ( MJJ )
this is 1 of he bigest song ever michael jackson - billie jean
album: Thriller
year: 1983
song name: billie jean
artist name: michael jackson                


Andresgaming and stuff
They spelled Billie wrong
Taner Yilmaz
i hate people people friends who call michael jackson as a kids fucker and hate him the guy has made police report is an arrogant asshole maybe he's a kids fuck michael jackson no one has done what most people just do shit michael jackson is not a kid fuck the allegations are really shit that some people lie michael jackson was famous and he was certainly jealous because he was a pop star just because he made a lot of money he bullied him and stalked so I'm for michael jackson innocent and the other than at the police is guilty much hate michael jackson many love michael jackson i like michael jackson just like some should leave him alone and no stress no matter if german russians poland italy thailand asia philipin turks italy he did not mind you why do you bully him many people make shit with the I find shit what you make him in fr he is not a bad person he is a good person there are always bad arrogant people who just take drugs and alcohol and give people millions i respect him he is nice some are not friendly some have no respect i have no problem with him but some like his family you fucking assassin would like to do something like that would blow him up for your life I'm coming to us I'll make you ready as you've done michael jackson just stupid idiots make crazy people so those who have no money He should kill himself or I'll kill him who Michael Jackson did
Flower city
She said i aam the one.. paaakito quieeeres una manzana...Is that what he says?
abraham moreno
es Billie Jean :v no billy xD :v:v:v.v.
Ishu ishraquegangster
Who's in 2019
he may have been a pedo but his songs were dope
Ngáo official
like 1000000000000000000
Sarah Lumb
For fourty das and for fourth nights LAW was on her side
joseph de castro ph
Who is in 2019
Cursed being Alone forever
arrogant singers fake dancers with high attitude nude girls luxury cars🖕🖕🖕🖕ONLY MJ IS THE KING OF POP & HIP HOP