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Psyche - September Moon

Dodano: 2015-04-24

Wyświetleń: 662

Czas trwania: 05:05

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Opis materiału Psyche - September Moon

                  The Pictures are as stolen as Hearts, it's from the Movie "The Lake House", the Moon was filmed in North-Wales.
Personally i hate falling in Love, cause most of the Time you fall for Love everything turns out wrong, even if you're purer than pure.
So this goes out to Everyone how has got his Love for lot's of Years...Don't let it go...Only Fools would do that.

Band   : Psyche
Song   : September Moon
Genre : Dark Wave / Gothic / Eletcro-Pop
Film    : The Lake House
The Moon...Yeah...The THX to someone from North-Wales :)                


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