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I'm Rollin (original)

Dodano: 2015-12-29

Wyświetleń: 89409

Czas trwania: 03:16

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Opis materiału I'm Rollin (original)

                  Copyright 2015 William E. Weaver                


I aint even a trucker and I love trucker songs
Luke Becker
Snowman's Kenworth
Steve Marroquin
To all the Container ship captainsFreight plane captains RailRoad EngineersYou deserve a song too
All Trucks and Buses
David Roshell
Dan Ashby
Next week! Back at it!
mark matkovich
thats right trucks rule america and so do so the drivers
John Heigl
Mr Weaver an awsume song. I'm rolling for my family either to earn a paycheck or ride up and bring a member of the clan back home. Love how you songs tell the" real" not all that superstar crap keep em comin brother!
Gary McKeand
I was just watching Little Dawg with Traveloko going westbound into Flgstaff and he was playing some of your music and it was awesome! Your music captures the heart of my soul! Ive been retired since 2006. Thank You So Much DrifterI was with Dawes now Roadrunner
vincent vadachino
what do people think about self driving trucks? will they take all the jobs away by 2075?