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Brennan Savage - Amoureux (ft. Saphir)

Dodano: 2019-02-23

Wyświetleń: 1396710

Czas trwania: 02:01

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Opis materiału Brennan Savage - Amoureux (ft. Saphir)

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louriss z
Found this masterpiece exactly at 2019-02 and till now.. It's somenthing I can listen and listen..
ERIC Wallace
Addicted #on repeat
ERIC Wallace
I need #dat
alex Trofimov
Amazing song amazing vocals but the title should be different but appart from that all in all a good song
My SwEet🍒
Yeah bae🔥
nissan Skyline Lover
R34 Gtr in background🥰
Chris Delorme
Yosef Emam
you are keeping lil peep alive❤️
Change the title and include saphir’s socials. To exclude an artist and name them the feature is wrong. Brennan is great as well but he’s the Feature.