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Bruno Mars - Count on me lyrics

Dodano: 2011-09-05

Wyświetleń: 95203012

Czas trwania: 03:18

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                  Sorry if theres mistakes and bad timing :)                


그래.. 여기에 한국인이 있을리가...
Theodore Martin
If you have lost the love of your life please like this my mom said if I get 100 I will see my girlfriend I hav’nt seen her in 5years please like this please guys
pz3 project zorgo
Ivan Ruiz
I love that Count on me
My grandpa (i call him papa) just passed from lung cancer and I'm very upset I feel like it's my fault bc I never asked him to stop smoking and I never did anything about it I miss him I really feel like it is my fault I've had cancer before...and I wasn't there for him. I won my battle with cancer...but he didn't it should've been me. he was my everything I loved him more then anything I loved him more than life I felt that it was my responsibility to help him through the chemotherapy but he died...I feel as if his blood is on my hands I just can't live with myself I want to be with him again...and I'm tired of my mom,my sisters and everybody else say it's not my fault they never wanna talk to me all they do is say it's not my fault and walk away they never asked what I was feeling... they never asked what I was going through I had long beautiful hair... it took me 6 years to grow it out again...and I shaved it all off a couple days ago i felt that I lost one of the only things that made me happy so I didn't deserve any happiness at all...well guess i was right after all. And people at school call me fat my crush called me ugly...I haven't eaten in three days idk why but I'm just not hungry anymore I'm so exhausted and tired from everybody and everything... I'm so done. Here's my note to the world. And the people that I know: mommy I'm so so sorry I'm just tired of everybody saying that I'm overreacting,I'm tired of school,I'm tired of just people telling me to kill myself and Papa I'm so sorry for not spinning more time with you I'm so sorry for not being the happy child you wanted momma I'm sorry for not doing good in school and I'm sorry for being mean all the time. I'm just so stressed. You know I will always love you and I always have. Tell my sisters I love them too. And I always will. I'm sorry you have to see me like this..sad,angry,depressed and suicidal I'm a wreck. you said you hated me I know you don't mean it your just frustrated...right? I hope you tell everyone I love them. Oh yeah...tell the world to lighten up a little it's so dark I could barely guide myself through the walk of life I'm at a dead-end so I guess it might be my time.just remember I will always love you...try not to end up like me...P.S don't mourn me and I know this is a selfish thing to do take myself away from the people who love me I'm just so tired. I want it to stop I finally want to go to sleep and be laid to rest. I love you so so much I hope you move on. this might just be my last goodbye.❤
This reminds me of my dog thats deadHit the like I you fill bad T-T
Alesha Dixon
🕊rip to my brother 😭
Janet Williams
A cant stop singing
Sliddde Yt
Me to my granny did died to and this her favorite song to And I miss her
Sliddde Yt