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Saxon - Broken Heroes - Live - Madrid, June 1985 (HQ)

Dodano: 2014-03-10

Wyświetleń: 501705

Czas trwania: 05:16

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Opis materiału Saxon - Broken Heroes - Live - Madrid, June 1985 (HQ)

                  Live Innocence Tour

Biff Byford - vocals
Graham Oliver - guitar
Paul Quinn - guitar
Steve Dawson - bass
Nigel Glockler - drums

Noel Oliver - director
James Elwart - producer
Simon Hanhart - sound producer                


Ефим Спектерман
Purple is the best!!!
Daniel Alejandro Couso
Graham Oliver tremendous guitarist, killer bending!!!!
Pom Pom7x7
Great song, great band, as always 👍🏼😊🍺🇨🇭🎼🇫🇷🎸🤟🏼🌺
Anganba Luwangba
Awesome number
One of the best Biff Byford performance ever
Rogerio Fernandes
Rock lives forever
Luigi Marino
Much better than the original! 🇬🇧 ♥️🎸
Cláudio Birnbaum
Esse disco do saxon e bem legal , só tem sonnzera, e essa é uma delas !
my familiarity w/ Saxon begins and ends w/ this vid.(thanks funnily enough to a Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast w/ William Regal.)alls i can say is that bass player is like the coolest dork i've ever seen. and i'd say his look has prolly aged the best too.
BAJA For 2020
They were made to play live!! Very underrated...they even sounded great covering Christopher Cross's Ride like the wind.....