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One day We Had Today (Piano)

Dodano: 2015-01-20

Wyświetleń: 10242778

Czas trwania: 05:53

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Luis Bojorges
No deja de disfrutarse aún estando solo... pensando momentos.... tanto buenos , como tristes en nuestra vida..... evocando el pasado.. recordando algún amor... suspirando... sintiendo como nos invade esa nostalgia de lo q pudo ser....de lo que quisiéramos encontrar ahora ......de lo q nos espera en el futuro....si seguiremos solos...o...si llegará ese persona que estará con nosotros un día... cada día!..25/agosto/2019.
Music can touch your soul
Lucille Grund
Does anyone know the name of the score and the composer?
Iro Grecia
Heartbroken. Lonely. Madly in love with someone who doesn't give a fuck. Yes. That's me. Here crying, listening this masterpiece from a movie that i really love. Maybe one day we all find what we deserve. Maybe if we are lucky. (I'm not gonna forget you. Never. You were important) goodbye. We will see each other again... I know it...
Michele C-F
I will always miss you.
Anti Nea
Belle musique .Merci
Susana Rossi
Qué belleza!!
Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something
Fuck. I gotta stop listening to sad music at 2 AM.
Star Page
I love this movie by Ann Hathaway. Reflections the same story with my best friend. People thought we are, but no. It's a case of " platonic love," between friends. We are now both happily married and until now we shared the same belief that love and families are forever. On that note, he is. Am already a widow. And I missed my husband so much.