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PornHub and YouPorn crown 'Lesbian' as the most searched term of 2018

Dodano: 2018-12-14

Wyświetleń: 154498

Czas trwania: 05:34

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Opis materiału PornHub and YouPorn crown 'Lesbian' as the most searched term of 2018

                  PornHub and YouPorn crown 'Lesbian' as the most searched term of 2018:

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Lesbian porn has been crowned the most popular genre of 2018 on  leading adult film sites Pornhub and YouPorn - and it's all largely thanks to female viewers, according to the statistics.Boasting a collective 40 billion yearly visits between them, the two sites released their annual 'Year in Review' reports this week, and found 'lesbian' to be the most commonly searched term across the board. Interestingly, the  category was deemed to be the most popular search for women across the two sites for the second year in a row. Pornhub has said that across 2018, women, who make up 30 per cent of their audience, were 151 per cent more likely to watch 'lesbian' videos than their male counterparts.    Director of Pornhub's Sexual Wellness Center, Laurie Betito, speculated in the report that women's sustained interest in the genre is likely because they 'get to see the acts they enjoy on themselves.'  For men, lesbian was just the sixth most popular on Pornhub and ranked only 10th on YouPorn.But with 4,791,799 adult videos - or 151 years worth  - uploaded to  Pornhub in 2018 alone, Timaree Schmit, a sexuality researcher, said there could be a number of factors behind the disparity of interest between the two genders. Speaking to NBC News, Schmit said: 'They are desiring a view of a sexual experience in which they cannot, by definition, take part.''So it has this voyeuristic, naughty, fantastical element,' but that's not for everyone, she insisted. Not for the first time, searches for 'trans' saw a significant jump in interest among men, according to Pornhub.The website determined a 167 per cent general increase among male searchers and a 200 per cent increase for those over 45.    In contrast, Pornhub found that women were responsible for more than 30 per cent of the site's gay male porn views.A study published in Porn Studies by sexuality researcher Lucy Neville in 2016, found that women are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with heterosexual adult content, because of 'the invisibility of female pleasure' and the fact 'most heterosexual porn invited them to view the sex acts occurring from a "male" perspective.' With more than 125 million people visiting Pornhub everyday, the report also revealed a number of specific audience search habits that coincided with social trends and current affairs. Following the disclosure of her alleged affair with President Trump earlier in the year, Stormy Daniels topped the list for the most searched adult performer.    When the news broke of Daniel's claims of a $130,000 cover-up, Pornhub’s data analysis found that searches containing 'Stormy Daniels' increased from a daily average of 2,500 to over 2 million within five days.  The Data showed that Pornhub users in Washington DC were more likely to search Daniel's name than anywhere else in the US. President Trump also received 302,177 searches this year.   Online gaming sensation Fornite was also searched millions of times on the adult site, proving players wanted to do m
#PornHub, #YouPorn, #crownLesbian, #most, #searched, #term, #2018
#PornHub, #YouPorn, #crowned, #Lesbian, #searched, #term, #2018                


It is popular and one of the most searched terms on the internet.
Jeff Censored!
Arunava chakraborty
All girl are lesbian..come on girl admit it..rather than hide from us
jaayyb truthhurts99
Some feminist politics at play against men and gay men at youporn and other sites like it, they want lesbo porn viewed more because they seem to be pushing it on us way more. Want proof? They are now hiding gay men and trans/shemale porn from the display videos (you have to go click on the word gay man and shemale in order to view any gay male porn videos). You type in gay or even gay man on their site searches and you will actually get mostly gay women/lesbos only. Remember, the videos they display (which youporn controls) will obviously get more views. More proof of their "fixed" results of what people are viewing, even if you do believe their "polls". Gay men should be angry that a leftist owned company like youporn is discriminating against them.
jaayyb truthhurts99
This is actually a lie and propaganda. What this video is not telling you is, the women who took part in the "polls" were mostly gay/lesbian women. So of course lesbian women seek out lesbian porn. There are many other polls that show opposite results from this "fixed" polling video. They show that over 85% of searches for GAY MEN porn are from women. Seems straight women like gay male porn and lesbo women like lesbo porn.