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Hang Massive Ft. Victoria Grebezs - Upon The Star ( Official )

Dodano: 2016-10-18

Wyświetleń: 125086

Czas trwania: 03:24

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Opis materiału Hang Massive Ft. Victoria Grebezs - Upon The Star ( Official )

                  Music video by Hang Massive performing new single 'Upon The Star' 
Out 11th November 2016 on Wise Dog Records.

ITunes pre-order link:

This song features on our new album Distant Light.

Composition and Vocals by the incredible Victoria Grebezs

We are currently on a global tour performing material from our new album and a selection of material from our previous albums. You can see our tour schedule, listen to our music and buy our albums online at http://hangmusic.com

Video Credits:
Filming - Morgan Davenport and Dominic Sky
Edit - Morgan Davenport and Dominic Sky
Filming and edit assistant - Maryell Finisterre
Filmed at Circle Studios, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Jewellery by Rachel Entwistle:


Published by Integrity Publishing Ltd.                


Kat Martinez
What are the words at 1:23 and 2:28?
Kat Martinez
Are any in this ensemble romantically involved. All this velvety music and all
Kat Martinez
😏 so luscious
Crazy Funny Cats
Melting ✨🥂✨👍Magical beautiful human Victoria
Hal T
Does anyone know the current status of Victoria Grebezs (Storia)? I haven't been able to find anything after the end of 2017.
AwakenJennyJay 303
Reminds me of great female house music vocals...chilling, deep..yet seductive and sexy. Wow. Bravo, Period.
שרונה דדון
lia delgadillo
Waaauuuu hermoso y la música incitante 😉
Brooke Holderby
Absolutely beautiful song! Her voice is amazing and with those drums too? It's like Heaven
Rosanne Villalobos