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Dewalt Mower - Design REMIX - Industrial Desiger

Dodano: 2019-03-04

Wyświetleń: 1237

Czas trwania: 11:21

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Opis materiału Dewalt Mower - Design REMIX - Industrial Desiger

                  My attempt at redesigning DEWALT lithium battery mower. 

I love DEWALT tools so figured it would be a good start to work with a product that I don't own (yet) and never worked on before. 
So working with DEWALT's styling or design ques is new to me. Wanted to share this unedited raw design process with you guys - showing you how I go with this design from 0 - 100%. I didn't know if this would even work out or not at the end...but heck; maybe at the very least you guys will find this entertaining to watch.

 There is nothing wrong with DEWALT mower that is currently being sold. Styling is very subjective. Everything I point out in this video is purely my opinion. This project is not sponsored by Black & Decker or DEWALT. This is my own little project for entertainment purposes only.

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🖲️🖲️ PRODUCT LINKS: 🖲️🖲️

DEWALT DCMW220P2 2X20V Dw Lawn Mower:

DEWALT DCMW290H1 40V MAX 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

📷📷 GEAR: 📷📷

Wacom Sketch tablet:

Panasonic G85:




Lapel Mic:


Krishna Gilda
Hey, great video !Just one request : Instead of time lapsing the whole process, could you walk us through your design process : like how you come up with those ideas, what was your logic while designing a particular part or look, etc. I understand given the constraints of video length, it might not be a good idea. But a short patch or a separate video about you design process would really help and educate your viewers about Industrial Design.Hope you like the suggestion !Thanks for the video !
Sergej W.elet
Lily Velet
Nice video !
Pete Velet
Always enjoy watching designers videos and this one is up there. Great start! Looking forward for more videos and designs to come. What else do you design?
Great work! what tablet /pen setup do you use?
Dias Nursu
Great work brother!!!
Lucas Ward
SERGEY!!! This video is amazing! I had no idea you were so talented with video editing. And as always your 3d modeling skills are super impressive. Definitely just subscribed can't wait to see more content.
Nicholas Imsand
Nice work! Really good stuff. Great line work and rendering style.
Alv Creative
Wow! This was very impressive and high quality stuff there! I love seeing the transformation, I think end result looked a lot better! Maybe a little too shiny but nonetheless great first design video! ... subscribed and can’t wait to see more content! Keep up the good work.