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#13 Hamilton - Wait For It [[VIDEO LYRICS]]

Dodano: 2016-12-26

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Czas trwania: 03:14

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Opis materiału #13 Hamilton - Wait For It [[VIDEO LYRICS]]

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#13 Hamilton - Wait For It ❤
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Fact:Alexander didn’t actually aim at the sky, instead he hit some leaves behind Aaron. Whether this is intentional we may never know. Also, Aaron didn’t actually immediately regret shooting Alex. He instead went to parties and bragged about it and only afterwards he truly regrets it. Not my comment, I reposted it coz other people need to know
Mya Sallis
This crazy. I get to part about death dosent discriminate and the I get a text from friend that’s a news article saying that Kobe Bryant has just died
Gracie Noonkester
This song makes me f l o a t
Isabella C.
Burr wasn't a perfect person but he wasn't a monster either. There are many good things that Burr accomplished in his life, like fighting for women's rights and immigrants. Not including the love he had for his family. But everything Burr worked for in his life was over shadowed by shooting Hamilton. I disagree to the idea that Burr was completely remorseless, because he was a human too and must've felt atleast somewhat bad for killing Hamilton but just didn't show it. No one knew what was going on in his mind before and after shooting Hamilton.I also don't refer to Burr as a murderer because if we're talking about him shooting a person then that would make Hamilton a murderer too for shooting British soldiers. Plus, it was a duel so they were practically obliged to shoot either way if neither apologize. By the time Hamilton put his pistol at the sky it was too late because Burr had already shot. And in Burrs defense he didn't know Hamilton missed on purpose. Since the bullet was so close to him he must've thought Hamilton actually tried to kill him, and I'm sure he didn't wanna die and leave his daughter alone. I'm guessing it was his fear of losing his life and daughter that made him shoot. If Burr really wanted Hamilton to die on the spot he would've shot first and more accurately. AND unlike Hamilton, Burr had no one to protect his legacy since technically eveyone he loved died before him. Atleast Hamilton had Eliza and Angelica to tell his story.Burr isn't my all time hero and I know he made many mistakes in his life, but everyone makes mistakes, even Hamilton wasn't perfect. My point is, Burr deserves more respect and appreciation.
690th comment
Charlotte Gubb
Wow! Listened to the soundtrack for the first time today twice. This is my favourite track.
Me: This is such a good song! I need to hear this on the radio!Also Me: Wait, I forgot what “discriminate” means, can someone tell me-
No. Just No.
This whole song is just "i felt that😔"
Tisdale Angela
Actually, Hamilton did shoot first, but to protect his legacy, he shot into a tree next to Burr. So, did Alex lose his shot?Yes but not intentionally.